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    Trying to learn Strumming


    I am fairly new to the guitar, as well as this forum.
    I know how to hold a couple of chords and how to play a few solos.
    I am trying to learn different patterns of strummings and most of the websites arent too helpful. I know you strum based on what you hear. Like you will strum differently for Last kiss (Ozzy), Doe a deer a female deer (SOM), Outside (Stain) etc.
    But I am willing to develop an ear for strumming for the hindi songs.
    Like in one of the other posts on this forum :

    A: 0-0-2-2-2-0 (on 6-5-4-3-2-1 strings)
    D: x-x-4/0-2-3-2 (on 6-5-4-3-2-1 strings)


    A D A

    How to strumm???


    ^ = Downward Stroke
    v = Upward Stroke

    how should I read this, so I can play it the way it is intended to ?
    when it says Downward stroke, does it mean play full 6 strings while striking down the strings or only the last three (and) ?
    Vice versa for Upward stroke.
    so do I play it as a AND or a full stroke across 6 strings ?

    thanks for all your help.


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    it means, for both for upward n downward strokes for chord A:play first 5 strings....(not the thick E) and chord D:play first 4 strings....dont change the way a chord is played

    strumming depends on the measures:
    the pattern ^^v^^v^v^v is to be repeated every measure
    listen to the song to figure when the chord changes n just continue the pattern while u change the chord, neva change or midway stop the pattern, it alwayz goes on for full measure
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