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    Jan 2006
    i dun get probs playing in practice and in front of people i no...but i really get tense when i think about playing live in front of people...i think dat id forget my part and stuff...any suggestions on how to improve this.....first perfromance hopefully in dec if band can stick together

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    Both from the standpoint of avoiding unwanted pregnancy and that of avoiding ***ually transmitted diseases, masturbation is the safest of ***ual practices.
    thats really funny

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    Jan 2006
    Mr.Singh.. the solution (apart from the ones provided above) might lie in the fact that you are just trying to play at any given point of time when you are free..

    Try to play you guitar "only when you feel like" playing ..and i mean really really compelled to play the guitar. If possible don't play for as many days as possible.. abstain!!! Even if you feel like... control yourself... don't ejaculate.. i mean don't yield.... Don't play at all. Find something else to do! (maybe jack off!!)

    When you reach that point when all that matters is just playing the guitar and you can't live without it, you would forget about missing notes or the fear of playing bad .. and voila.. you'll be playing without any tension or anxiety cuz u'll be too engrossed in the satisfaction of being able to play after longing for it...

    Kinda like dying for *** for a couple of months and then getting laid.. you won't be concerned about performance... you'll just do it for "Satisfaction".
    another ESP now!

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    Apr 2005
    ^thanks rahulp... i undastand wht ur sayin... but if i dont play 4 a long while then my fingers will get kinda "unfit".
    i think i hav wrked out wht my prob ws... i ws gettin stressed out in my life other than guitar, and this became reflected in my guitar playin. i hav now started to relax a bit more, and the tension isnt as bad.
    also in my haste, i may hav also overlooked slight amounts of pain as tension.
    it is important to distinguish between tiredness, pain and tension i think
    thanks every1 4 ur hlp
    Murder For a Jar of Red Rum!
    failure 2 prepare, is preparing 2 fail, :(
    if you keep doing things the way they've always been done, then you'll keep getting the things you've always got

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    Apr 2006
    Well mr singh I advice u to practice your songs so much that u can play it without the presence of mind.
    ROCK ON !!!


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