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    avin7000 is offline Newbie
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    May 2011

    Suggest me a Guitar - For beginner

    Guys need to buy a Guitar, for learning purposes. My budget is max 4k. but can extend upto 6k if needed.

    Q1. Which one to go ? Acoustic or Electro Acoustic ???

    Q2. I don't intend to learn Rock, that's why going with Acoustic ones [Am I right ?] Once I am good then I can spend some 12-15K :D

    Q3. would cheap guitars mean more pain and soreness to fingers ?? Hard to learn ??

    So lets put this in way. I want a good guitar, which is produces good sound, easy on hands, less soreness. If such Guitar starts with 5-6K, then I can extend my budget.

    Thank you :D

    EDIT : A guy from US replied to me. This is his reply :

    I am in the US so I obviously don't know anything about quality and cost of merchandise in India, so all I can advise is based on US market. Having said that:

    1) $300 USD is about the least expensive guitar of any quality (electric, acoustic, or acoustic-electric) new guitar. If you pay less than that for new you are, as they say, getting what you pay for. Realistically, you could pay several times that for a decent instrument.

    2) A $65 guitar (new) in the US is going to leave you with sore fingers and a sour taste in your mouth for guitar playing

    3) Good microphones are expensive (can be extremely expensive). The good news here is you don't need a good microphone. In the US you could get away with paying almost nothing (and in some cases nothing) for a perfectly usable microphone. If won't sound good, but neither will you for quite a while. When you get to be a decent musician trade up in your equipment for something better.

    4) Every young man (it seems) reaches a certain age and decides to learn to play the guitar. Most buy cheap/crappy instruments (like the guitar you linked to in all probability--it may be great but I strongly suspect it is junk) and soon give it all up as a lost cause. Some buy decent instruments and give it up anyway because learning any instrument requires dedication and practice.

    5) As a result of this there are generally a lot of fairly decent guitars out there for sale on the used market if you are patient and know what to look for. You may be able to find one for $90; if so jump on it. But, you will have to look at a lot of resold crap guitars to find a gem, so when you find one be prepared to buy it regardless of whether it is acoustic or acoustic-electric.
    I thought to buy some cheap Guitar, of some 4k, learn well, then get some good one 15-20K later, when I am sure. This was my plan.

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    Torvoraptor is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2010
    Go with a granada or pluto... yamaha if you can stretch your budget... that's all. electroacoustic is nice at times but not really needed- amp ka panga alag se hai.

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    allen sebastian's Avatar
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    Coimbatore, IN
    not cheap guitars! they are guitars!!
    ell if you give more importance to the tone go for Granada! the basic costs 2500 to 3500 and the Jumbo is 4500 Approx. i have used Pluto Jumbo Acoustic/Electric which has the equalizer in it. sounds good but the fret board really sux. i dunno whether they have improved now. i bought it 3 Yrs back.

    1. Acoustic is the best for your budget. if you buy an electric for this budget you can just show off, but the sound, fretboard making, everything will be a total mess.

    2. Rock is not just electric guitar, any genres has acoustic guitar.

    3. Granada is good @ fretboard design. your fingers wont get much pain unless u are not holding it in the right way!

    all the best ;-)
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    fena is offline Guitarist
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    Jan 2011
    get an acoustic guitar!! As they say, granada or pluto will do the job just fine for now..
    and bro rock is not just the jeans and electric guitars ( but they do go very well together :D )...anyway its in the MUSIC.
    i suggest you stick with a 5k budget for now.. you will grow out of your first guitar really soon, so dont blow your cash on may take advice from westerners, but don't make your decisions on some way they don't live in the same world that we do..
    Playing cheap guitars :- Sore fingers, blisters at the tip of your fingers, muscle strain, crappy tone, fret buzz n dead notes, annoying fathers(in my case)..we all went thru it :D
    Good Luck !!

    \m/ !!The Show Must Go On!! \m/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torvoraptor View Post
    electroacoustic is nice at times but not really needed- amp ka panga alag se hai.
    kisne kaha ye ??
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