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    STUCK WITH STRUMMING :( Pls do read

    hey Frends ... just wanted 2 kno iF my Fellow IGTians have gone through this ...
    when i play songs (ie songs 4 guitaring and singing at the same time)... while the chords 4 the songs do diFFer .. my strum pattern is quite the same 4 most oF them ...
    even though the strum pattern goes quite well with the lyrics and alll .. i Feel like i am stuk up with the same strum pattern ...
    EG : 4 ' Kyun aaj kal ' and ' Tu hi Meri shab ' i use the same strum pattern (though chords diFFER )... but it goes quite welll with the lyrics, pitch and alll ...
    i kno the best thing is to practise and improve and have diFF strum pattern accdn 2 original songs .. but is it ok 2 tweak the strum pattern ???

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    its ok IF u can play the original strummin & then decide to play it different

    if u cannot play the orig pattern then its NOT ok

    better u dont sing along to start with, jus listen to the song n strum along, then when u get th pattern rite then u sing along n improvise if u want to
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    practice a diffrent strum pattern , without singing. until u get it drilled in ur head, then try to hum along with the song,

    and finally practice singing,
    and u will get it



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