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    I guess it's not important to strictly follow the strumming pattern.
    But trying to play accurately as the record is a good thing. Not many can pull it that way.
    After that you can always improvise you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymusicmyguitar View Post
    Its all about feel at the end....Its not about how well u imitate the pattern but mostly about how well u play any damn pattern that suits the songs rhythm and feel...definitely keeping in mind many aspects..such as tone. High lows in ur strumming..
    I second

    however i think you should stick to the strumming pattern
    not doing so would wreck the song
    but then again thats my view :P
    if you want to change the pattern then change between verse and chorus
    or verse and bridge
    but i would stick to the same strumming pattern throughout one part of the song
    in fact i would make sure that verse 1 and verse 2 have the same pattern be it covers or song writing

    one very very important point is fluidity of your hand
    dont strum with your elbow strum with your wrist
    wrist shouldnt be rigid

    also if the original strum pattern is screwing up your beats then dont do it
    cause even if you are playing and singing at a gathering of friends (or any audience of musical laymans)
    they wont care if you use another pattern
    but they'll spot a beat miss

    however some songs like aicha are completely based on original strum pattern


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