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Thread: Strumming

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    Valentina is offline Newbie
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    Hi ,

    What should be the strumming pattern for hindi songs.I have seen chords for different songs but it just say D F Am blah blah........

    Is there standard way to start strumming for these eg : once up then down.Please help.How should be it be done being ???????


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    The only way to find out is by listening to the song again and again. Seriously, just develop your ear to catch the strumming pattern and thats all there is to it.
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    hey strumming n arpeggios r same i prefer the quick playing coz its more lively like Kurt n others play

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    Strumming patterns are different for different songs valentina. Listen to the song very carefully and try to figure out a strumming pattern. You'll be developing your ear as well. There's no shortcut around it. You'll get a bit frustrated but it'll all pay off. Practice ok?
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