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Thread: strumming

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    Nov 2005

    Post strumming

    I have been practicing lead for quite a long time ...

    However strumming is something difficult ..

    one can listen to the song and play the lead ...

    but strumming ?????

    does anyone have some methods to leard different strumming patterns and styles


    Melwyn Sequeira

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    Kshitij is offline .::k:s:h:i:t:i:j::.
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    Nov 2005
    u cud try goin thru the tutorial section.... it will help
    Basically the strumin depends on wat u wanna do... u wana play the song or the backround music??

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    thread moved to beginner's q and a forum.

    search in this as well as the forum mentioned my kshitij..u can find lotsa threads!
    .. Rock got no reason
    Rock got no rhyme ..



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