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Thread: sitting posture

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    cool.abhi79 is offline Newbie
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    sitting posture

    just wanted to ask a few things about sitting posture mine is like ) which means i slouch a bit forward.

    just want to know from the guys who have been playing a long time do you people sit completely straight.

    its difficult to look at the fretboard when i sit straight and even if i try as i get more into playing in forget about the posture and when i check again after some i time i realized i have slouched a bit again.
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    Oh.. same is the problem with me..
    And I've read somewhere on the internet that we should not slouch while guitaring!

    However, my teacher haven't said anything about it yet.. and it's been a month since I'm learning.. So, I don't really thinks that it matters! I'll ask my teacher too, though!
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