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    saurabh4igt is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008

    simpler finger exercises?

    HI there!!!
    I was glad 2 c that people have learnt guitar without teachers,
    as i want to learn it but have no time 4 classes.
    I have been trying to do all the exercises given at different sites e.g spider etc.

    I may sound an absolute stupid by asking this but i have to ask,
    my 5th finger(baby finger) doesn't move much and moves very slowly,I know that everything takes time but it seems to have learnt nothing in last 1 month.
    So what i want to know is ,are their any other simpler exercises to make fingers flexible?
    Thanks in advance.

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    nazr is offline angel is my genital..
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    Nov 2006
    Gesture to people everytime you go to pee.

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    saurabh4igt is offline Newbie
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    Feb 2008

    simpler finger exercises?


    good idea...
    still If you could help me seriously,I would appreciate it.

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    Jan 2008
    just try practicing some chords which include ur pinky....this will give some strength to it and it will start moving....i'm also a new and learning.....try practicing Bm, B7, DmF#7, F#m etc.....this may help.....

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    -Nemesis- is offline Beginner
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    Jan 2008
    Keep playing four note spiders...Just keep playing...and tap on an acoustic..Thats about it.
    What is with these newbs? o.o




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