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    Smile A simple question but a daunting one to me

    Hey guys.... here comes a question straight from the mouth of a beginner... hope all u experts can help me here.....Hey guys please answer these questions in terms of a semi-acoustic guitar and not an electric guitar

    What is a pre-amp? what is the difference between a active and a passive preamp?
    Also what is a piezo pickup.... is it different than the other pickups?

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    I realy dont know how to explain this but here is my best short... Both Pre amp and amp amplifire your sound.... The level of volume you set on your Pre amp is the level that will go into your amp. If you set the level on your pre amp high it will distort the Amp.
    Active pre amps are used in active pickup circuits .and use a battery.
    There is a lot more to this but I dont know how to put in words...
    The volume control on your guitar is alos a kind of PRE AMP



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