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    Wink "Showcase" instrumental music using chords

    Hi! First time in beginner's forum.

    I've been learning guitar on my own for a few months now (using acoustic).

    Currently I'm stressing on chords - so far I've learnt some of the basic chords (A G E D C Em Am Dm C7 G7 B7 + others as and when needed to play chords to a song I'm trying out) before tackling big bad F (next on my list). Can't handle barre chords yet. I usually play my chords to accompany rock music.

    So a couple of days ago this person asked me to play something and suddenly I was at a blank - I didn't really feel like singing and all I know are chords... A good lead guitarist would probably improvise a neat solo at this point. What does a rhythm guitarist do?

    Here's the thing - I'd like to learn some "showcase" music - something that sounds good when someone asks you to play him/her something and __doesn't involve opening your mouth__. So basically what I'm asking for is a short _instrumental_ piece using predominantly chords which sounds good and lasts about a minute.

    PS: Can't play leads yet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Classical Gas- Mason Williams
    Tears in the Rain- Joe Satriani

    Pretty much any classical piece really.

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    try chords of Hotel california..sholay theme or robaroo...

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    u can try some arpeggio... though i also face same problem as u do but i'm good at singing so i can manage..



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