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    Quote Originally Posted by guitar_man
    The best way to learn any instrument is from a teacher.
    Are you worried about the Rs100 per class that you paid or you are worried about the sa re ga ma stuff.
    Please remeber these points if you want to become a good guitarist:
    1) Find a good teacher.
    2) Accept what he is teaching. If the teacher is teaching in sa re ga ma... It is quite OK as long as you are learning melody.Agreed ,this is not the way to teach guitar (Sa re ga ma ..thing) but at least you have a teacher.
    3)Practice what ever notes you get.Do not try to judge the quality of notes.Even if the notes are incorrect , atleast you will be practicing on the guitar.And this way you will be training your fingers.Atleast for beginner this will work for atleast first few weeks.
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    dunno really
    i use the net 2 learn the western stuff
    nd my sir 2 take me through the eastern
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    whats wrong in learnin the Sa re ga ma way ????.. !!!!!

    dude...there is nothin wrong in learnin that way .....and dont leave your teaher just yet...stay with him for 6 months ...learn all the basics from his because ..unless your basics are perfect ....u cant learnt advanced techniques wont be able to play anythin properly !!!...

    get the basics from your teacher ....then move on to those sites bravo gave you and learn your heart out !!!...

    and more thing ...your teacher since he is teachin you the classical way..will definetely give you some ear trainin .....somethin which all us who learnt it the western way totally missed .....
    maybe i cant generalise ...but my teacher dint start ear trainin till i got the scales right ..and damn...that took a long time !
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