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    Right hand technique

    Hi guys,

    I've all along been picking with the pinky rested below the strings as a support. But I'm seeing in a lots of videos now, guitarists having no support for the right hand or having the upper part of the wrist rested above the strings.... should i change my action....?

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    pick how ever you feel comfortable.There is no perfect way to pick.The only thing you gotta look out for is that,the picking motion must be done with your wrist ... not using your arm as a whole....Watch some videos of john petrucci playing ...he rests his pinky all the time...
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    chad kroeger uses his whole arm to strum on his guitar.........wacth da into da night video..........m nt saying he is a great guitarist.........
    all i am saying is dat u should just play as you are comfortable........for speed u would have to improve your techniques but other dan u just play wid da style dat 'u' are comfortable wid................


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    satch and angel,

    thanks a lot!!!

    ...will pick with the pinky rested, that makes it a lot comfortable....

    was seeing petrucci in the rock discipline and it was quite comforting to see him use his pinky... But it also looks like some part of his forehand is rested... Any suggestions for resting the forearm...? Like which part of the guitar i can rest it in... [guess resting it gives better speed for shredding?]

    and about the wrist movement, yea.. I gotto concentrate on that... thanks for pointing that... had been using the arm for string skipping and sort but guess arm movement can't give much speed...



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