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    Question REQ: easy definition of hammer on??

    i was unable to get the funda of hammer on.. after searchin around for its meaning and application.. i came to this meaning>

    hammer on = (eg; 7h8) fret and pick string at 7th fret, and without picking again "hammer" and hold string at 8th fret.

    geez.. i couldnt make out much..can u gimme sum easy definition of whats hammer its done..and still better wid example?

    thanx in adv


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    you place your finger on the 7th fret and play the note.

    then you have to (with your other finger) hit the same string but at the 8th fret so that the pitch of the note goes up.

    hence the term "hammer on" because for a beginner (gets easier once ur finger is used to it) you have to literaly whack it to get the sound out

    the reason why you whack it is because the sound should retain its loudness even though it goes up in pitch.

    does that help?

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    ok.. i guess.. i already know it den..d basic purpose retention/continuity of tune..a finger on 7th fret then other finger on 8th after about two seconds..while the first finger still remains on 7th

    lol..yikes! anyways.i got it.. i guess :P

    thanx a lot!!




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