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    the ques was not totally clear to me. though maybe I can help.

    suppose you are playing a piece where Gmajor is written in the chord chart. Being a jazzman you do not consider anything less than 4 notes as a chord! (:P). Now what extension will you add to G B D triad?
    In the most simple (non-jazz) terms, it depends on the scale you are are using.
    suppose you are on C major scale, then the choice will be F (F is in C maj scal)
    G B D F = 1 3 5 b7 = G7
    if you are on G major scale then you may choose F#
    G B D F# = 1 3 5 7 = GM7

    so the choice of the 7th depends on your melody, INfact that is why it is one of the "guide tones".

    google on harmonized major scale to get a clear pic.

    hope it helped.
    zuBIn /=r33z3S H3ll

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    hobs crk
    zubin is right. jazz musicians usually enrich the chord harmonically and so use more 7s 9s 13s. Look at it this way. 3 notes together sound nice dont they? The 1 3 5 harmony is nice so what if you add one or two or three more notes to it? Wont it give the sound a whole new dimension?

    Also, as I was saying in another thread....once you start using major 7s etc you notice that most chords can be substituted with other chords or superimposed upon each other. Say the band is playing a C major chord. You can just play a G major triad and you'll get the notes C E G B D which make up the C major 9th chord. This is one of the simpler concepts though.
    Hope that helps a bit.
    And surely youll buy your pint cup !
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