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Thread: Pull-offs (HoW)

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    Arrow Pull-offs (HoW)

    well i am a beginner with guitars, can some one help me out with pull-offs?
    if there is something like 2h4p2 then do you pluck the string after hammering or carry the sound forward for the 'pull Off'.

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    2 h 4 p 2

    that wud mean that u play the 2nd fret (using finger/plectrum and index finger) ...

    then while the string is ringing use your ring finger to fret the 4th fret ... the strings should be ringing all the time ...

    next you pull back your ring finger (the index finger has to be on the 2nd fret all the time) ...
    so your 2nd fret / index finger is now "open" for vibration ... the string shall continue ringing ... sometimes u can also drag your ring finger a little on the string, so that the string starts ringing at louder volume (this is helpful in acoustic guitars - not required in electric)

    there is no string plucking during the 2h4p2 ...

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    Hammering : remember, use your fingure as hammer and strike the required string at required fret.

    I divide pull offs in two categories....

    1. Pull down -> in this your pull motion is in downward direction, towards the lower string
    2. Pull up -> in this you pull motion is in upward direction, towards the upper string

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    righto man ....

    but i dont like pull-offs in cheapo acoustix guitar ... very hard to make them audible ...

    and that hammer thing is the best description ... shud have used that ...



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