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    Jan 2006
    now while playing fear of the dark...wen i hav to stretch my pinky thumb sort of turns sideways..shud this happen????

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    new delhi...india
    one should have their thumbs while playing chords or leads just behind the 2nd string(on the back of the neck).....for doing this, u have to bend your wrist....(this may hurt a lot)
    it gives a better grip on the fretboard.....try it out u keep your thumb behind the second string, u will be able to keep your hand 1st fret on the 6th string and the 4th fret on the 1st string together.....
    now bring ur thumb up.....above the neck, as is your problem....
    and try to do the same thing.....u wont be able to.....
    so, keeping your thumb behind the 2nd string gives u a much better grip.....and to develop this technique, u have got to practise.this may be a little painful, but u'll get used to it
    but trust me, it is the right technique.

    i suggest that u practise this exercise for developing this technique.
    E-1(1)--------------- 4(4)--2(1)---------------5(4)------------
    d----2(2)---------- 3(3)------ 3(2)-----------4(3)-----------------
    g----- 3(3)------2(2)---------- 4(3)-------3(2)--------------------
    and go on with this pattern......the numbers in the brackets are the fingers u should play them with
    this is known as string skipping(i think)
    and while doing it......make sure u use the technique i have mentioned....thumb before 2nd string and the wrist should be bent......
    hope that helps

    EDIT-forgot to mention one thing....developing a technique or getting rid of a bad one is not at all will take dont lose hope keep practising
    sometimes, majority means that all the fools are on one side....

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    Jan 2006
    ^^^^thanx man


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