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    Mar 2011

    Unhappy The problem with major chord (Please help me)

    I have just started to learn guitar. I am attending guitar classes my teacher had told me this Dmajor guitar

    E 2 fret 2 finger
    B 3 fret 3 finger
    G 2 fret 1 finger
    o A played ope
    x E not played

    But from online tabs i have seen that the A string is also not played where as he had told me to play it open. When i asked to confirm he said you have to play all 5 string for major string not a problem.. Whereas the table says in B major also we dnt play A string.

    is it okay to play A string ? in these chords ?

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    Torvoraptor is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2010
    You can do either, both produce the same chord.

    A chord is a collection of notes. The open A is the same note as the second fret of the Gstring ( that is the note A) just 1 octave apart.

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    raga2303 is offline Guitarist
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    Basically a D chord is nothing but playing D triads i.e. D, F#, A at the same time. Ideally, the chord shouls start from the root note of base, but it is not technically wrong to play A open in D chord.

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    It is better to initially learn chords along with the root note. This is because it will allow you to develop your ear for the root note. You can try singing the root note when you play the chord. If you can do this pretty well, your ear gets pretty good at picking chords to the point where when you hear a song, you can sing the root notes of the chords in the song.

    Once you have this down, you will probably want to get into chords with altered bass. Here what happens is the emphasis of a chord is on a different note other than the root note of the chord. This is a very important concept in jazz chording. But to make sense of this, you will have to develop a good ear for the root note itself.
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