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    I think you shouldnt test on guitars as they are delicate things which would really damage your tone & seasoned effect. Even rainy & summer seasons effect on the quality of the guitar tone, then wouldnt the paint? Simple.

    And no person who really plays guitar well would compramise on the sound & tone, just for the look.

    And no Lay person, would understand this concept.

    So, if you really have to get a design on the guitar. Just get the Bitmap designed on your PC. Copy it on your Cell phone Mem card or CD, & get it printed on radium paper by the professionals who do Radium Cutting for Vechicle Numbers. they have really sensitive printers. You can also ask for Multiple colours (as you feel affordable), have a discussion on What you really want, with them & do it.

    I hope it helps.
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    Bro, I think, I understand a little bit about guitars and tones, which keeps me from running to car builders, thanks.

    And about project guitar: I wanted some tips of how to do it using materials available in India
    I always thought the good thing about the guitar was that they didn't teach it in school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saurabhrocks
    @metalhead i have no idea where u live,

    but i had mine made at a local cloth
    just ask ur frnds around. u'll get someone there
    I am in new delhi..
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