just discovered the magic of power chords today
dont hv a electric yet but still enjoyed playin these POWERFUL sounding chords
well basically there are 2 shapes for these power chords
1.E shape
2.A shape

the E shape is represented as follows:-

the chord 133xxx would represent the F power chord or F5
its called E shape coz 022xxx is power chord of E or E5

similarly we have 244xxx as F#5 and so on.....

the A shape is very similar

the chord x133xx is A#5 or power chord of A#
its called A shape coz x022xx is A5 or power chord of A

similarly we have x244xx as B5 and so on.....

to play these chords barre(place the index finger over the entire fret) over the lower fret 1st fret in case of F5 in E shape and press the ring and index finger on the higher frets 3rd fret in case of F5 in E shape.... keepn in mind strum only top 3 strings in E shape(bass strings) and 3rd,4th,5th string in A shape....

to know more and learn songs like smeels like teen spirit,eye of the tiger,smoke on the water etc. in a very easy way using power chords please reply....

criticsims are also welcome