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    Oct 2005

    Plz Som1 Teach me Chords

    I am a newbie. plz teach me chords. i know to play tabs. but i dunno to play chords. plz suggest me wad to do.

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    May 2005
    opposite axeland :(
    Browse thru the Begineers QnA forum and the Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips -- loads of useful info there!
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    i suggest u start learning with major and minor chords

    here is the link with all the chords i want u to start with>>
    Chords reference guide!! (it has got all major n minor chord positions to start with)

    sum links which would be helpful a lil later:-
    For Beginners - Notes and Chords
    Tutorial :: Chords in a key of 'X' : know everything about it!

    do revert back..if i did help u i think this would suffice!
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    hmm the 1st link aint that correct .. the positioning is right but the strings are in the wrong way .... its reversed ..
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    first u shold learn the basic chords which are c,f,g7 then later am e7 d d7,g bm dont worry the are all easy
    search guitar chords in google images .the numbering will tell u the finger no
    and dots the fret and strings

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    Oct 2005
    THnxx Frnds

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    u can refer 2 this thread...for the basic chords...

    For beginners: Playing the basic 7 chords

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    NO !
    i think u should start wid power chord then u wil gwt an idea
    and power chord r the easiest>
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    power chords are not that easy
    yo have to be a bit quick to play it and you need to know about muting

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    Power chords are derived from major, minor chords. Learning chords ain't about just memorising but also 'bout understanding. First learn the major, minor chords and then move on to power chords.
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