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Thread: Pluto Guitars

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    Nobody in their right mind in India regards Givson as a good brand. Hobner has some decent jumbos, but givson, give it away son.

    @topic: Get a granada. Or maybe save up a bit and get a yamaha or fender. Plutos don't age well. It will be worth your money to spend 2k more and play for 5 years and not to spend 2k less and play 2 years less.
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    life_sans _death, u got the right point..... dude

    well u know i'm talking abt the general attitude towards, givson. well it's cheap and sturdy. that's why everyone buys it as a first guitar,and no matter if its givson or hobner, all made of plywood,

    but yes hobners are better, and signature are the best of all...

    i too had one, and man it wass horrible, no truss rod, plus the top was coming off and i had to glue it back. mann,.... what a headache,

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    Quote Originally Posted by saurabhrocks View Post
    and i advice u ,when buying guitars in india, don't take advice from forgieners

    the scene there is totally diffrent, we take the names of givsons and hobners, so proudly, there they are called 'junk guitars'

    If they consider it bad yet we consider it good, then they must be exposed to better guitars than we are.

    Would it not be wise to go for whats good overall instead of choosing something from limited options?

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    Jun 2009
    anyone know how to verify genuine pluto acoustic guitar

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    Oct 2009
    whats the product code of ur guitar? its beautiful guitar dude

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    Feb 2009
    i have pluto jumbo guitar with very very very good pickup with equlizer and tuner.......
    pluto rocks

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    pluto feedback

    Quote Originally Posted by 2kool4ever View Post
    Hey friends . i am planning on buying a new semi accoustic in the range of 3k-4k .
    wen i askd one of my friends he said to buy Pluto guitar. maybe its my sheer ignorance but i havent heard abt tat brand name . all i hear is granada,hobner,givson and all . so guys cud u pls help me out regarding this (pluto guitar)... any help will do, i mean if its a good brand , the price ranges and all . it wud really be helpful
    i personally own a pluto hw41c model...its brilliant...the bass sound is superb...justifies the name 'jumbo'
    but yeah,intonation problems are a bit common with pluto guitars...
    go ahead,get one

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    been using pluto jumbo acoustic pickup from 2009, its is good and still now am enjoying it plucking. blindly go for pluto
    #Not a PLAYBOY, but know to PLAY as a BOY#

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    Feb 2013
    i hav ibanez ...dude when it comes to accoustic dnt evr thnk buyng cheap guitars u will end up badly iirritated with it,,cheap ones got untune frequently there action is alsoo too high sodnt mind investing sme good amounr if u wanna play good


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