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    Thumbs up Pls help - Treat as Urgent

    Hi Pals,

    I am Pratap from Chennai. Me and couple of my friends are planning to take up Guitar Classes starting from 1st week of September. We enquired at "Lakshman Shruti Musicals" near our place. They are conducting classes @ 500rs per month - 4 classes per month. Kindly advise if this is ok or are there any specialized guitar coaching classes in chennai.

    Also kindly let me know what brand of guitar will be suitable for beginners (our budget is Rs.2500 to 3000 maximum) and where to buy it?

    Please help guys.

    My number is 9840090991. Kindly reply or Send an sms or call if possible at the earliest.

    I am very happy to be enrolled in this forum.

    Thanks with Regards,
    Pratap V.

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    Looks pretty OK.

    But i doubt is 4 classes per month would be that helpful initially?
    In the starting more intereaction is required.

    There are lots of shops for Guitars in Chennai.

    One is in Spencers.
    Other's I have forgotten.
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