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    guitarrookie is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2009

    Playing chords for a song

    I just started learning the guitar chords, I could play them reasonably well one at a time but if try a song based on those chords i don't even get anywhere close to how the original song resonates and how mine sounds playing the exact same chords.. I was trying
    The Huming chords is as follows



    G Am
    Sham savarea teri

    G Am
    yadain aati hain

    but I couldn't get anywhere close.. I think a lot depends on the strumming pattern and even within a chord the order in which strings need to be do I get all that info just looking at the chord above...looking forward to some input from guitar gurus

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    mani_manu is offline Beginner
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    Sep 2008
    did u simply try to resonate the chords without goin thru the strumming part?
    If the chords resonate the same sounds then for sure they'll do for the strumming.



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