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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnieanand
    Customize your own version of Van Halen's Eruption. They are some simple tappings and most of the dumb crowd will get crazy about your two handed techniques. I had this experience. I had played some nice licks and nobody gave a damn, then played some LKG UKG level tapping and the crowd started enjoying. Do some fanciful s.h.i.t. Do whatever but make sure you present it well. These days you can even sell s.h.i.t if you package it well. Now you know why Nu Metal sells.

    the last time i played live (arnd 2months back) i used some tapping somewhere in the middle of my song (where the violin and the tabla were fused) and the feckless cameraman shot the violinist instead of me! right at the show-off scene, i'm out of the scene! what flummery! and i'm not sure if the people could have noticed me doing such a (probably not so) crazy thing from that distance..
    but the crowd enjoyed, i guess, nevertheless..

    nu metal sells, but who buys?
    Rock'n'Roll isn't just a fashion statement, its a way of life...

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    Me yaha hoo yaha

    hi I am back,
    log on to

    for more info

    My show is in Aug, dont worry about me having shoes & tomatoes!


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