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    Chirag is offline Guitarist
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    planning to change the strings of my guitar

    I've been learning the guitar since 4 months now . What i have found out with guitars is that , Those guitar which sound good for the leads , dont sound gr8 for the chords and vice versa .my friend's guitar doesnt sound great on for the leads but it has a lot of treble and hence sounds gr8 when chords are played .I dunno if this i really true or maybe its just me ?

    I am planning to change the strings of my guitar , but what i fear is that the expensive string will be gr8 for the leads and not so for the chords . I dont play leads too often . Please help . what should i do ?

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    RAVISHINGBOY is offline J@CksoN BoY !
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    well if u buy slinky type strings then they give too much tribble and will give a crspy type sound on acoustic .. and also great in lead .. cuz they are two slinky for bending and stuff .. but a little lac on Bass type effect on acoustic @ slinky strings .



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