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Thread: PC as an Amp?

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    ajaykalekar is offline Newbie
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    guys can you help me getting a preset for Pink Floyd tone
    I have demo revalver....

    if you can get then guitarFX preset for Pink Floyd will do
    or if Jayanth can give me his free amplitube software i can use it .. also i would need the preset for Pink Floyd for amplitube then.

    Guys help me
    The tone i am looking for is the Comfortably Numb leads...

    I am just not able to get that sound

    I have Austin strat copy , epi LP standard and fender princeton dsp 65 amp.

    Help me please.


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    Nov 2004
    islamabad, pakistan
    get guitar fx box .....well if u have a dek which has a mic option then it is fine u can plug it there,,,if u wan effects then buy amp
    Q-Whats the word that iz alwayz spelt wrong
    A-Wrong :p:


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