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true, very true ...

but i dunno this is an observation similar to the one i made sometime back (that all gr8 guitarists have long slender fingers), most really cool n nice sounding song donot have any technical complexity ... Infact even a n00b could make it, but somehow n00bs try getting too much into technical mumbo-jumbo n then they forget about real music making.

very similar to what a saying goes in China: many students used to flock to a great painter to learn from him ... at the end of his rigourous traning n lessons he used to tell them to forget everything they have learnt ...

anyway that was slightly off-topic, i accept that to make good sounding music u need to have a basic idea of theory.

Well...that's not entirely true but you bring up a very good point.

Someone in another thread was asking me how much theory he needs as a beginner....It's something which really has no answer to it other than "Enough to get you by". It's like someone asking you how long your legs should be and you reply "long enough to touch the ground".

Yes, a lot of popular songs are very simple...however, this does not mean that these musicians do not know their theory. Most of them do...and it is years and years of practice that have allowed them to get there. It is like the argument against guitar lessons...a lot of people say that a lot of good guitarists have been self-taught but fail to realize the magnitude of talent and the effort these musicians have put in.

Those musicians who make it without any "theoretical" knowledge are tremendously talented individuals...and I do not count myself fortunate enough to be amidst them which is why I concentrate on musical theory as well so this would give me a slight advantage because I could come to know something someone else took years to discover.

It is important, in the end, to make good music. No one will care how much more you know or how little you know if you can make them tap to your tune.