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    Need help in Guitar Tuning....


    Weekly I get one class to practise guitar with my tutor. The thing is that whenever I go to class, my tutor tunes the guitar saying its not tuned.... :(

    I want to do the tuning myself.... how to go about it? Pls provide your expert advice...
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    Either get a tuner (pipe is pretty cheap or there are nicer ones which come with a metronome).
    Else you can download one from the web...there are plenty of tuners available (metronomes too).
    This tutorial has a free tuner within it and also a pdf which teaches how to tune the guitar with itself (use WinRar to open the iso file). Look at the last post:


    I dont know if a particular tuner is better than others, maybe more experienced ppl can tell you.


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    You need to tune by ear. If your ear is not developed to the point you can hear a note matching, you need to get a microphone and a software tuner that can 'hear' the notes. There are small tuners that tune by 'sight' which you can buy online.

    I have a long theory post somewhere where I've described the process of tuning by ear. Use the search button to find it.
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