I am planning to buy an electric guitar and my total budget is around Rs. 25000.
I have been playing an acoustic guitar for past 5-6 years, and but i am interested in playing metal, punk rock etc, and songs like ones by creed, bullet for my valentine, Metallica, sum 41, green day etc..

So, I was planning on buying the guitar for around 10000, and spend the rest in a good processor and amplifier.

What good electric guitars fall in this range. I've heard that Ibanez guitars are pretty good for this price range, but what all models do i get in this range??
I was thinking of buying a Digitech RP80 processor and a Roland cube 15 amplifier. How is the combination? Is there any suggestion for a better combination??

And there's a very important question that has been bugging me for a long time..
If i buy a good processor for sound effects and i have a good amplifier, how significant is the electric guitar in the context? I mean can i have a combination with an ordinary low cost electric guitar and a good processor and amplifier work??
I am just keen to find the most appropriate way to utilize the money i have for the combination!

Your help would be really appreciated!