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    Question Need help to buy a electric guitar

    hi everyone i m planning to buy a new electric guitar, im just a newbie ... im goin to dubai in few days from where i will come to india. my budget is 200$ to 300$
    will i be stopped at customs if any1 have any idea on that ?
    1)Is it a good idea to buy from dubai ?
    2)which electric guitar i should buy

    Any one from dubai who can assist me ???

    Please help me

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    See you can get many ....but you need to try it at the shop. And at that budget you will get the beginers guitar,,,,but what i recommend to extent your budget to 18k to 19k then you can own a IBANEZ RG321MH which is indeed a good guitar....and as you get pro you can change the stock pickup's to EMG's Pickup's

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    For beginners guitars, try Yamaha Pacifica 012 (11k I think)...or maybe a BC Rich Bronze Warlock(17k)...or maybe Washburn N1/X10/X11(N1 is <15k, X10 and X11 are 10k-15k range)...All nice newbie guitars.
    Kramer Focus series are even cheaper...something like 8k to 11k @_@
    Check out for specs...though prices may vary.
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    Yamaha Pacifica (Indonesian made) is really good. It is for 10 k.



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