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    chaos buddha is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2007

    Lightbulb Looking for a good guitar class/teacher in Bangalore

    Hi All!!!
    I've been a die-hard guitaraholic since ages but never got the opportunity to play. So I'm a newbie here... :(

    The upside is that music comes to more as an instinct and less as an interest... 8-) Learnt drums all by myself without much help...

    I seriously want to learn guitar.. Would like to start with an acoustic guitar and move on to whatever I feel I'm best suited to...

    I'm looking for a guitar class/teacher near MSR nagar/Sadashivnagar/Malleswaram etc where I can go before/after office hours(being a S/W techie $|_|(K$... :(]

    Could anyone please help me with the required piece of info...??? I heard that one "Rythm instt" is good but I would like to have some views from more experienced people out here.... Overall, I'm interested in achieving atleast a state of "comfort" with my "Rythm Gun" so that I can "feel it in my soul"...Hehehe!!! :-D Hope you got what I meant to convey...

    I will be exremely happy if someone could enlist the options I've got...

    Warm Regards,
    Chaos Buddha

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    Ishan_isaacs is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2009
    I am a guitar teacher ..have been teaching frm the past 3 yrs..I can give u a head strt with killer guitar lessons.

    Gimme a call 9632410401 (Ishan)



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