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    Question Left hander in a dilemma

    Hello igt members,
    i am planning to buy a guitar in 4 months time and i am yet to try my hands on it, i mean i'm a complete beginner.

    I'll be buying an acoustic in range below 10,000 but the problem with me is that i'm a left hander, and so should i buy a left handed guitar? And if yes, then do companies make them separtely for left handers or they just replace the positons of strings on a guitar?

    I have come across a few lines in wikipedia that for a left hander, playing right handed guitar will be bomnus 'cus the main importance is on the fretboard than on the strings.

    Please, i hope to have this doubt cleared with experiences of some guitar veterens here.
    Thanks in advance.

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    You'll suck MASSIVELY for 3-4 months either way. You'll have to work extensively on both picking and fretting either way, it's likely that fretting will be slightly easier and picking will be slightly harder for you to pick up. It won't likely make much of a difference.

    Don't think so much, just start playing.



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