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    dekho bhaiyya
    Jimmy Page is considered the most awful Lead guitar player amongst the elite guitar players circle. but he is also considered incomparable for his rhythm structures.
    See Eric Clapton play, he hardly uses his little finger.
    Jimi Hendrix !!! - WTF do you call that style of his???

    so no wonder if you search for books, you will never get an ERIC CLAPTON'S STYLE or JIMI HENDRIX STYLE - because these were technically incorrect styles of playing.
    of course you will get their songs tabs etc.

    But you will get a Robert Fripp method, you will get a Chet Atkins method, a Frank Gambale Method, a Steve Morse video, Paul Gilbert video and dozens more.
    BECAUSE these dudes invented their own style, and showed it to the world, while keeping the basics technically correct.

    Billy Cobham once said
    "There are 100 drummers in the town where Billy Cobham lives, and they can play 100% like Billy Cobham, but nobody knows them. One of them DID NOT play like Billy did and he became DAVE WECKL"
    All Strings Attached...

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    well band he's not holding an f chord his first finger is on the f note(on the gihg e string) and his little finger is ont he 7th fret of the low e string.i dont have his pic though.i only saw it in a book.he had a foreword in that.but i think he was holding it in the classical style.
    ill get u the name of the book and the page number .
    neways thanx a lot for the song.
    oh and now that i am writing this reply id like to go off topic too and ask ne1 here for some modern rock songs like Headstrong by Trapt.i mean ones which are not the toughest to play(by any standards) but are still really cool to listen to.
    some more examples wud be
    1.whats my age again-blink 182
    2.last resort-papa roach
    3.i miss you-blink 182
    4.mama i'm coming home-ozzy osbourne(i absolutely love the solo on the song.its not the toughest but i believe its better to have a solo that has a soul and takes the lyrics somewhere than just having it there coz its nearly impossible to play along with it!!!!lolz)
    neways thank u guys cya soon.
    long live rock!!!!!

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    @artful....when u have you thumb at the center back i.e classical postition its more advantages....bcoz will help u to reach ur fingers to hit notes which are far frm each other. baseball technique helps u to put more grip or get more strength to hit the notes....when u learn a song u'll come to know which technique is more handy. its not dat u can only learn one technique...u can adopt both of them and implement them as and when required.

    if you seen dave mustaine or dimebag playing...they always play in classical style. however, i have seen kirk and slash playing the other way.
    I choose misery.

    Ibanez S470DX, Ibanez JEM 555, Digitech GNX1 :)

    When a poisoneous snake bites you; Do you try to chase him or do you try to remove the poison?

    Barkhat ali is better than Thai Twank! :p

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    many people in my school use the baseball grip for fast and blistering solos, i use both.


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