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    an introduction to the guitar

    hi ppl
    i am doing my mba from symbiosis pune.i had a guitar from 2 years but i never played it but ever since coming here i have been tryin to play it. i can switch between the basic chords like C G A Am D F but the strumming is not there and it sounds very strange. the guitar is a very good companion when you know to play it. i dont know how to go about it. can you pls tell me how to make some sense of the tunes that i play.

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    well the first thing to do is find a coach for urself...he may be a friend of urs or a guitar teacher who can guide about strumming patterns ask some ont to teach u some basic beats like 4/4, 3/4 , 2/4 or if u want to do it yourself take a headphone listen to the music part in the song carefully and u'll get it yourself
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    lotsa articles on strumming on this site, just refer to those. as sumit has said, find yourself a teacher, may be i can send you addresses of a few music institutes in pune, i know it must be tough to take time off from your studies in an institute like symbi, but you can give it a try...
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    Thanks sumit, can you tell me more about the 4/4, 3/4 or 2/4 beats or the songs in which the beats are prominent.
    hey maverick thanx, i donot think that i will be able to take out time for the music insti's as symbi rules are quiet strict about leaving the campus so i have to be my own coach. is there something else that i can do. maybe listening to something. is there some place on the net where i can hear some strumming patterns.
    Basically while strumming what has to be kept in mind?

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    first of all,, is ur guitar tuned?
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    Once again the ultimate guide to teach yourself guitar:

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    ya desipride143 my guitar is tuned. i got it tuned it from a music shop located in the pune city. i m tryin to teach myself some chords these days.



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