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    From my experience, nothing unusual happens to the guitar whether you leave it tuned to standard or drop tuned. Over the years, the neck wood will yield to the stresses and might bend a very tiny bit. To correct this, your guitar has a truss rod which when tightened straightens the neck back to original level. This is why you should get your guitar set-up once in a while.

    As far as leaving it a stand or case or whatever, besides the obvious possibility of damage due to dropping the instrument I don't see any advantage of one over the other. If anything, it would be better to leave it in a case to avoid too much of temperature and humidity related issues. When the humidity in the air around the guitar increases, unfinished parts of wood absorbs moisture and expands. Similarly, heating expands solids in general. So when different joints (neck and fingerboard / wood and paint) get heated, differential expansion causes bending/cracking (like a bi-metallic strip).

    So if you really are concerned about your valuable guitar, leave your guitar in a case in a cool place. Also, use a wax polish and fretboard oil to keep moisture out.
    For acoustic guitar you can get a hydrometer to monitor and a humidifier to regulate humidity. The necessity of all this obviously depends on the value of your guitar...
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    Quote Originally Posted by horsesmouth View Post
    ^i guess not.. Figure this..

    (: is any point on the thread)

    The logic is if you hang a 5 kg load by a string, string tension is 5 kg-f, and so is the load at fixed end.
    So alpha1, you were right the first time...
    If the figure's unintelligible, forgive, I typed it on my cellphone..
    Oops, you are right...
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    Hi all,

    I too purchased the same guitar i.e Pluto hw41-201 Jumbo. Though it sounds amazing, but there is an annoying buzz on the 2nd fret in B-string. When I tried adjusting the truss rod to remove the "buzz", the action has become too large to the tune of 5-6mm at the 12th fret. Any suggestions to remove the "buzz" without setting the action too high???

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