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    How to Transcribe a song which has no guitar in it?

    A song which has a very prominent guitar playing in the background can be easily transcribed...but how do you transcribe a song which doesn't have a guitar playing in the background?

    For example: I love the new song Jee Le Zara from the movie Talaash but I am not able to figure out the chords or the strumming pattern as the guitar is not audible in the song...

    So how do you get around to doing it?

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    The same way!
    Music is music, whether played on guitar, or keyboards or wind section orchestra or string section orchestra.
    Or even singing.

    All you have to do is to figure the tune and the chords.

    You may have problem trying to fit a strum pattern - the strum pattern depends on the rhythm/beat.
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    practice scales day and night



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