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    how should we use our fingers on notes in fretboard?

    I am new to guitar and learning the theory and also started practising notes C D E F G A B C and also basic chords like A Am C Cm E Em D Dm G Gm

    But when it comes to tab, what should be the position of our fingers on fretboard. is it in multiples of 4 frets? any basic theory behind the usage of finger's position

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    There is no theory.. use whatever is convenient.. it all depends on the scale you are playing.. but use all your fingers - don't ignore your pinky finger..

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    if you want to learn it the right way, go to a good classical guitar teacher. there is a "theory" but it has do with ergonomics and playing comfort rather than actual theory. e.g when practicing C-major key arpeggios, you would want to start the C chord with your pinky rather than your ring finger because it helps you build strength to play these arps in other positions.

    don't ask me cause i don't know shit and play noisy punk like stuff.



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