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    How to play metal songs using acoustic

    I just bought a GB&A acoustic guitar. I want to play songs of Metallica(Outlaw Torn, One, Nothing Else Matters......), Iron Man? How to play power chords? How should I play them, I know there is some thing called clean guitar play and dirty. Kirk or James of Metallica usually have a switch on their guitars to change from clean to dirty. What does that switch do? Can some one help modify my setup. I think I'll need a pickup, distortion, amp ...... I donno I don't want to dump my newly bought guitar.

    Please Help.


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    1. You dont need electric guitar or distortion to play power chords. Power chord is a style of playing intervals (two notes). YOu can play that on piano/acoustic/violin anything that supports two simulataneou notes.

    2. That switch is supposed to change the pickups. One pickup they can keep at low output, so that it sounds clean, the other pickup they keep at high output, so that it gives distortion.

    3. If you wanna play real distortion etc, your acoustic is not really meant for all that.

    4. Master you playing technique on acoustic. You may get whole gamut of electric gear later, when you feel you are quite proficient.
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