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    How much initial guitar practice do you think can i jump on to blues and metal genres

    hey guys....i'm new to this community........this is my first post....

    i've been learning guitar by myself for one and a half month now....... basically i practice by playing tunes of hindi songs.....and practice chords..... (actually i'm trained in hindustani classical vocal so got a good idea about scales)
    but of late i think my learning process is stagnating..........what should i do now.......
    i'm particularly interested in blues and metal........after how much initial practice do you think can i jump on to these genres????

    pleaaseee hellllp !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wink no probs

    hpe u got the basic touch with guitar..... letz.... strat with the basic chordzzz dude...
    'HEAD HUNTERS' ARE KNOWN............

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    Mar 2008
    Hi again Dude....I just love the blues...I got some guitar softwares and study material to share.....mail me at



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