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    u guys seen the john lennon movie on history channel.....the guy lrnt to play guitar from a banjo......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seher
    I m a bignr n hv strtd playng guitar nt evn a mnth bk..!! Dispite reglr prctic I m nt abl 2 chng chords..!! It takes tym.. :(
    Evrytym I hv 2 chng da chord I stp strmng n chk whthr my fngrs r crctly placd or not..!! Please help me.. Hw cn I mk my chord changng more efctiv..!!
    Seher, the first and foremost thing u need to do is finger practices, i.e. at the top of fret board and on the thickest E till thinest e keep revising 1234 plucking the corresponding string.

    1= index finger on 1st fret, 2= second finger on 2nd fret 3= 3rd finger on 3rd fret and 4= 4th finger on 4th fret (same string). keep doing from E to e.

    Do it for 15 mins and again get back to a simple progression (for a change) or something. I dunno if i m clear here but trust me this is gng to help. may be u will find a diff in a week.

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    Thank you so much to all of you.. All your suggestions are going to be of great help..!!


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