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    Question How are Granada guitars?

    Ive just bought a Granada Semi Electric guitar from Furtado Mumbai i dint buy it personally my frnd bgt on my behalf so donno exactly how it is but Da seller said da model is 7Ef its got 2 nobs volume and tone bridge pickups and a roud hole...

    CAn nebdy pls tell me wat i shld be expecting from dis??i boght for 5500 bucks and i get a free tuner strings gig bag plecks

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    hobs crk
    I have a granada classical that I'm pretty happy with him.

    I don't know but the granada electro-acoustic I'd seen had a much wider fretboard than normal guitars. It was lovely to play though.
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    Yeah, I own a Granada PSR-1, 39", black mirror finish...

    If that made sense to you, then ****, you're insane...

    If not, then man, I own your ass....

    BTW, the guitar owns you... nice sound, overall... definitely worth a buy...
    The semi's are good, to the extent of what I've played them through... not thru an amp (yet)
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