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    How to get the actual music tone?

    Hi All,
    Need not to say, I am a beginner in guitar playing.

    Yester day I was trying to get reproduce the guitar tune for the song " akele hai to kya gam hain", in the film "Qayamat se Qayamat tak".

    The tabs are Em , D and C. I tried differently to get the same sound of that song, but failed to get.
    I have also heard the audio clipping of that song posted by one of this site members.

    I have also tried in the groove builder in, but i was unable to get the exact sound. I have tried different options, I don't how rock,jazz types make the difference for the same chords. Is it strumming or something else.
    Here I am giving the link of
    in the site I have selected groove builder.

    Here is the audio clip what I am talking abt

    I hope somebody can help me out.
    Anil Krishna

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    Nov 2004
    use the chord chart from

    Two famous songs [Vocal melody + chords]
    u gotta use barre chords and not open Em C and D chords

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    Jan 2005
    Hi jayswami,
    thanks for your reply. Could you please explain me in little more detail. Otherwise suggest me some simple songs which I can practice initiallly.
    If possible , could you also let me know the details for my first question, "what is the difference between rock, jazz, blues, etc.. while playing the chords.

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    anil. . .rock jazz and blues are not different ways of playing the chords on a guitar . they are different genres of music. regarding the song. . .the way jay has shown playing it . . it has a difficlut strumming pattern . he is playing the barre chords not the regular ones. i hope you know how to play the barre chords ? if not then please ask .. barre chords give a different kinda sound when strummed and this might be the sound you are trying to get .. .
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