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    Quote Originally Posted by 22strings View Post
    Hey dont give up ... always keep try for your best......
    it is very easy to find the cord of any song.
    ur teacher is very correct tht u will get it after practice and experience
    i have my own style to find the cords. you will have to just follow the steps...
    Step 1- find the notation of the song
    Step 2-Find it correct
    Step 3- for example the notation is starting from E then play all possible cord near by.
    Step 4- once you get the cord then play the relative cords according to the song.

    Have fun and keep tune in...
    Step 3 should be, try to figure out the scale, is it a major or a minor scale, because after this step you'll be able to figure out the right chords.
    About how to know whether its a major or a minor scale, there are lots of ideas and theories, in my opinion its just a matter of listening and this you'll get after lots and lots of ear training and ofcourse, practise, practise and practise!!!!

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    well lets put it dis get da reeli sad/romantic feel....a song can be in a minor scale.....for oder songs u can use major ones........dis is da idea dat i most of the tym........just one or cases in which my compositions came out in da wrong scale.........


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    ^yes dats wht i've heard frm most players....
    minor chords r mostly sad
    also i've seen many songs contain these chords in a group and in different orders of course:
    G, C, D, A or
    F, C, Am, G, Dm
    there r many such groups/......try finding 1 chord tht matches the most n others by relative corrections and tone changes......easier said than done actually.....i've failed several times bfore finally giving up
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachita_nagpal View Post
    Please guide me with the chords of thoda sa (C)pyar hua hai , thoda hai (C'')baki,hum to dil(A#) de he chuke(G) bas teri (F)haan hai baki
    C'' (i dunno wt the chord is xactly called)=032014
    (i tried fr sum 5 mins, so myt be a bit wrong but they r definitely close)
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