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    new delhi...india
    dude...look....i guess u have to play all the strings....(except the 6th) just C-E-G.....2 reasons
    1)it will be easier for u to strum.....
    2)the chord will get a more full and better sound.....(dtz what i think....)

    and yeah man.....
    if u wanna be a good guitarist.....the theory is a dosent matter if u are "god gifted"or have the "right atmosphere".........what matters is the hard work and the attitude.....
    sometimes, majority means that all the fools are on one side....

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    Hi Evo, thanks for the post. I am sorry I would like to defer with your argument, yes music is all about feel, but some of us(beginners like me) need to take some time and lots of practice to get that feel. Till then if I play incorrectly, I am sure I will develop an incorrect "feel". That is why I am creating all the fuss about this. I hope I am not wrong.

    About the order of the notes on strings, the doubt in my mind came from other chords which doesnt necessarily have the 135 order. For example the D Major.
    D Major 135 means D-F#-A. When we play the chord with open strings, we play it like this:


    Which translates to D-A-D-F# and not D-F#-A

    Request you to please give your comments.


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    Thanks UJ. Yeah even I believe that it wont hurt if I am good at theory, it can only be an add on.


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    Hmm.. Now the first question that comes into my mind is that why didnt I think of that before??? Good yet simple point. I cannot figure out that one completely, but i think the first D note (open string) is acting as a bass note. You see, if we mute that string, the chord still sounds same, only without the bass. Now look at the rest of the notes, They are in the same order. The chord is D-A-D-F#, while the scale tells us to follow D-F#-A. Now that we have removed the first D, the remaining notes are (A-D-F#)-(A-D-F#)-(A-D-F#). Now what do u say abt that: A-(D-F#-A)-(D-F#-A)-(D-F#-A). So u see, they are going into a circle, without changing the order. I know this is not a complete explanation and even i am not satisfied with that. I will tell u tomorrow after consulting someone. Till then, Adios.


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