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    Question how do i play fast by ear and get a clean sound at the same time???

    first thing , i am by no means a beginner, i have been playing the aco,leads,bass and keyboard for like 6 yrs or something
    My only flaw or rather peculiarity as i call it is i play with my thumb rather than use a pick for reasons only which my fingers can understand. So i have been criticized for that quite a lot. Is it really that bad a practice????
    I don't know whats up with my thumb but some times, especially when i going down the fretboard ie from the high E to the lower E string, my playing speed gets ridiculously fast ( sometimes as fast as say 320 bpm ), but the same thing doesnt happen and my playing gets rather messed up when i go up the board ie the other way around. So any tips on how to get rid of this crappy flaw in my technique.
    And sometimes, while playing fast, the notes dont sound good, they sound rather muffled. So any tips on how to get past that.
    Thanks for reading such a boring post,
    hope u came through awake,
    knapshots a.k.a Amar

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    Quote Originally Posted by knapshots View Post
    while playing fast, the notes dont sound good, they sound rather muffled
    if you want to sound good (not clean, I didnt get u here.... clean in what sense....) you need to practice it SLOW.

    and about the thumb thing..... probably thats what is messing the things up..... i am not sure but try using a plectrum.



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