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    Smile How can I improve on picking up a particular note?

    Respected all fellow IGTians

    Thanks once again to all of you who replid to my earlier post about strumming problem, with your suggestions and ideas I have improved a lot and even my guitar teacher praising me for my strumming. Now once again I am here obviously with a problem, please tell me how can I improve on picking up a particular note I mean how should I work on leading. Please all my seniors and fellow learners please suggest me some techniques and methods. i will be thankful to you.
    Regards & Happy Guitaring
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    do finger excercises
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    Always do Alternate picking. Try to go slow...slower than the speed required but be very clear. Then gradually increase speed.
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    Ah yes,alternate picking is good...a bit difficult in the beggining but helps in a long term.
    Spider exercises are good for flexibility of fingers.



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