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    zara_love is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2005

    Hey i jus began with my chords i dont understand the rythyms how to play them

    i jus started off with the chords its been two weeks or so but i am finding it difficult to under stand the rythyms of playing like i know most of the chords but i am not able to play the song for exapmle hum bewafaa song its e.....d......f.......g
    chords now how to play it in DU DDU format whats is this D and U and how to play it on the aacoustic guitar.plz help me

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    abhimanjrekar's Avatar
    abhimanjrekar is offline ----> Zhol-Man<----
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    Jul 2005
    D means downstroke and U means D means u strum down once...

    eg :: DU means strum down once and up once

    eg :: DD UD means strum down twice,up once and down again once.......

    ther r many patterns of strummin.......go slow initially..ul get it gradullay in practice..its not a dayz patient...
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    zara_love is offline Beginner
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    Dec 2005
    hey thanks phew that was easy but can u give me any more patters of this kind like what is x

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    Saptashaw's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
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    Follow the drum patterns- it's the easiest way.

    Perhaps the most common rhythm is DDUUDU
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    pruthuze is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2006
    followin the drum pattern does some song have a diff pattern for the guitar.......e.x. Roo-Ba-Roo.....



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