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Thread: Hey !! Help Me

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    dhroov is offline Newbie
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    May 2008

    Unhappy Hey !! Help Me

    Hey Can Anyone Suggest Me The Best Electric Guitar !!

    my budget is 20,000 rs.

    i need E. guitar + amp..!!

    suggest me the best as am novice in buying guitar...dntknw much brands in electric guitar..!!

    IbaneZ,Givson,Morsen,Fender's Esquire or any other !!

    plzz...provide me full specification wid model number of guitar plz plz

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    kidnishank is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2008
    hey are a few options for you
    Squier Affinity Series Fat Strat Electric Guitar Rs.10,400
    Ibanez 2007 GRG-121 Electric Guitar Rs.10,500
    Fender Squier California Series Jazz Bass Guitar Rs.10,600
    Ibanez SA120 Electric Guitar Rs.17,000
    Squier Stagemaster Series Electric Guitar Rs.16,500

    well you also have options in kramer, but if i were you...i would have started it with a fender stratocaster (around 8k)+a small marshall amp (4-5k)+ a korg AX10G(8k) or a Zoom 707-II (7k)

    i wud not recommend the new zoom series of processors as they are more complicated to operate, the good old 707 is great. if you are into death-metal, go for an ibanez grg/grx series choose one with 2-way tremolo action.

    if simplicity is your call, Stratocaster is wat you need, avoid cheap alternatives from Aria/GB&A/EXL/Givson etc. Aria and givson are indian companies; givson is worst quality guitars, aria guitars don't sound gud after 11months. EXL/Johnson/GB&A and others are all chinese companies, same feedback as Aria.

    Fenders last long; and yamaha's pacifica guitars are not too bad either, but only too expensive for a guitar.

    drop me a mail at if you have any other questions...




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