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    Help with sweep picking

    Can u guys help me with sweep picking technique? I mean, right from what it is to how its done effectively and well. and maybe some practice pieces? thanx in advance.

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    u can check ouy ,in the techniques section they got an article on sweep picking
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    Well you can check out cyberfret but what exactly is there to learn about sweep picking. The name is pretty self-explanatory. You pick all the notes in one sweep. Downstroke while going down...upstroke while going up.

    And a practice piece is 'Kissing The Shadows' by Children of Bodom...
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    ill try to explain it my way..instead of just sayin
    no offence guys just kiddin..

    sweep technique is basically when u pick the notes in one sweep where each note is defined unlike a strum dmf said..earlier..downstroke while goin down and upstroke while goin up..
    this technique is mainly used while playin arpeggios..
    so i would suggest u play a simple triad..using the sweep ...say d major ..on the
    1st ,2nd and third string..
    where 5 is an upstroke.
    play it slowly and try to get ur left hand in sync too and get it clean first..and then move on to a higher speed..use the same position to play diff keys..

    do this steps..
    these are three string sweeps..5 string sweeps,etc are tougher..
    i ve attempted to play them in my bands song last page..the thread is there in music talk..where there is a link to the song..
    the sweep part.. is arnd 3:20...
    hope this helps a bit.

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    thanx a million

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    just found this on similar thread links..
    so chk this out.. Sweep Picking Arpeggios
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